Program Offerings

Dave's classes and programs are designed for individual or class and groups.
There are also customized versions designed for Middle and High School Music students.
School programs can be funded by your Arts-In-Education Grants.

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The Emotion of Music in Motion Pictures

This interactive multimedia presentation features scenes from Classic films, shown with and without the Musical score, for a survey of the emotional impact.  Then, participants listen to pieces and create scenes in their minds before seeing how the music was used in the film.  As an added feature, students are given the opportunity to improvise a score to an example  scene.

Reading Standard Notation for Bass

Available as a 1 or 2 class period program, the revolutionary and comprehensive seminar couples Dave's Whole Language Approach  to Learning Music with exercises and real-life example of Standard Music Notation.

Areas of focus include:

- Notation Symbols and Formats
- Study of Basic Rhythm patterns
- Open String Reading Exercises
- Natural Note Exercises
- Key Signatures
- 12-Bar Blues Walking Line Exercises
- Study of Various Styles of Charts including:

- Lead Sheets
- Fully Notated Bass Lines
- Notated Bass Lines w/Chords
- Nashville Number System
- Transcriptions

A Brief History of The Bass Guitar

Survey of the development of the Bass Guitar from Leo Fender’s first Precision Bass to the present day.
This program focuses on innovative Bass Guitar players and styles.

A Whole Language Approach

A  study of the correlation between learning a spoken language and learning the Language of Music.

  • Vocabulary Development
  • Experiential Learning
  • Complete Ear Training
  • Fretboard Knowledge
  • Study of Musical Styles as related to
  • Spoken Accents and Colloquiums

The Bassics of Bass

An in-depth study of the Origins of the Electric Bass Guitar with an emphasis on James Jamerson, Bob Babbitt, and Chuck Rainey.
Students analyze and perform signature Bass lines by these early innovators of the instrument.

The Organized Musician

A study of Time Management techniques and implementation of David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” Methodology.
Includes Project Management, E-Mail, Weekly/Daily Planning, Practice Schedules, Professionalism, and Long Range Goal Planning.

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